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Are you living in fear? Afraid to go out of your house or even walk in the neighborhood?

“You have the right AND the responsibility to defend yourself and your loved ones.”

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Date: October 23 2014

Hello Friends and Patients,

Dr.Bradley Safe here……….

No wonder many of my patients come to me with so many ailments that are stress related…. back pains… stomach burning… headaches… sore muscles… blurred vision….insomnia. Living in today’s world with so many stress causing worries… will certainly create these types of symptoms..

Worry causing lack of sleep

Many of my patients say”Dr. Safe… I just cannot sleep at night”.

Susan a long time patient with no obvious health problems… i.e. she always gets her annual checkup and watches her weight recently changed jobs and has to commute to a section of town that borders a high crime area. Some nights when she gets off work she has to walk to the back of the parking lot to her car where it is always dark. There are always unsavory looking characters standing around..

She said “I start worrying about this at least two hours before quitting time. Now I even think about it at night before I try to fall off to sleep”.

Gaining weight… afraid to go out to walk in own neighborhood

Not all of my patients with worries about their safety are women, Bob an older patient gave up his daily walking since he was being harassed so badly by the hoodlums on the street.
His last day was when he was actually robbed. He says now he has no way of getting regular exercise so he just sits around and eats all day….now he is being treated for diabetes..

Date Rape…. now pregnant

Phyllis, one of my college age patients was so excited about going off to college. She has been my patient since early childhood. It was her freshman year and the university was so big. This was the first time she had been away from home from her parents for any length of time except for summer camps and such.

She had not dated very many of the young guys she went to high school with, they just usually hung out doing things most high school kids do.

Her first semester she met Paul at the student union. Paul seemed so much older and wiser than the guys she hung out with in high school.

He was a junior, had his own car and apartment. She was very taken with Paul and thought how lucky she was to have met someone so nice her first semester in college. He invited her to go to church with him, they began studying together in the library and then his apartment. Phyllis was not prepared for what happened next. She became the victim of date rape and came to see me and confirmed she was pregnant. She and her parents are devastated and distraught and she is now dropping out of college.

So who is Dr. Bradley Safe?

I grew up on a dairy and tobacco farm in eastern North Carolina. It was my job at an early age to take care of the cows. My dad thought we could do it all, raising crops and have a dairy farm. I realized early on, as I got old enough to work, on the farm that is about age 8, that the cows and animals were my favorite part. Even as a young farm boy, I thought of them as my patients. Crime and personal safety were not big issues in the country when I was growing up, but I became a Boy Scout and on the way to becoming an Eagle Scout, I took being prepared very seriously. For those of you who are not scouts, their motto is BE PREPARED. I combined my scouting with taking care of my patients i.e., the cows, horses, and other farm animals. Growing up on a farm is every little boys dream. The only difference with my dream was that I had to work like an adult, so playing, bike riding, swimming, and riding horses were things you did after all the work was done.

But it gave me two things I have carried with me into my adult life. A love of animals, and the need to help people. Not just help them but mentor and coach them and help them be safe. Working summers on the farm gave me a chance to earn money and go to college during the winter. I was fortunate enough to get an education and have spent my career in the medical and health care profession. So why am I writing to you about being safe? I am in practice with my partner Dr. William “Billy” Ware. We both share a common desire to help keep our patients safe.

What could my three patients have done to prevent these horrible things from happening to them? and why would a Doctor be concerned about helping his patients be safe?

Most of us do not realize how frequently personal assaults, robberies and rapes occur. It will never happen to me.

In the US:
• Every 22 minutes, on average, someone is murdered
• Every 4 minutes a woman is raped
• Every 26 seconds someone is robbed
• Every 17 seconds someone is seriously assaulted

Most people give very little thought to protecting themselves or do not realize just how a few simple things can prevent themselves from being put in harms way. It is amazing to me that most of my patients are diligent about taking their medications, getting exercise, going to their dentists and having yearly checkups, but have no idea how to protect themselves. When I discuss this with my patients,, they say “But Brad… I cannot carry a gun… I do not even own one, plus I am scared of guns”.

I am not recommending you purchase guns or become a martial artist. I do not own a gun myself. Most of us do not have the time to train or are not in shape to take on a bad guy when they attack. The good news is that most criminals are first of all not that bright and they prey on women, older people or people that they think cannot protect themselves. You say I will get a dog. Even though they become your best friend, you cannot take them with you everywhere, besides, my own dog, Lucki, even though over 60 lbs…. loves everyone and would make friends with a criminal in no time. He would lick the criminal into submission.

So what do I recommend?

Simple Personal Protection Products. Pepper Spray, Mace, Personal Alarms, Stun Guns.

These are legal tools that are small in size and can bad guys weighing 250 lbs in their tracks.

These tools are not lethal and their effects are only temporary.

The pepper spray comes in several shapes and containers. Pepper Shot 10% Plus looks like a tube of lipstick. When sprayed into the face of a bad guy feels like hot peppers were sprayed into his eyes.

The Hot Shot Stun Gun, looks like a blackberry or cell phone. No one knows you are holding in your hands, enough power to make a big guy have a bad day.

Over 75% of US citizens will be the victim of a crime in their lifetime. Do not become a statistic.

So what is my prescription for you to be safe?

You need my BSAFE and BWARE TIPS. Sign up today. Become one of my patients. It is free and full of life saving tips on being safe.

This website is loaded with over 800 hundred items for personal self defense and surveillance products. Its sister website will provide you everything you need to BWARE of your surroundings. Want a 24 hour watch dog, check it out.

There are items here you will not find in drug stores, grocery stores or shopping centers.

Remember, stay alert, be aware of your surroundings at all times. And never leave home without one or more of your safety tools.