Probiotics Side Effects

So, you are planning to add probiotic food or supplements to your diet after learning the many health benefits you can get, but you want to make sure that they will not have adverse effects on your health. This article will tackle this controversial issue so read on.

Let us start with defining the term. This term comes from the root word “pro” which means promoting and “biotic” which means life. Probiotics are good bacteria. We have heard many people taking antibacterial and antibiotics to kill the bacteria in their body. So, why would you want to consume foods with live bacteria? The answer is simple – balance.

Though this supplements proved to have excellent safety record overall, it is still imperative to use them with caution for certain groups of patients. These include neonates who are born premature and have immune deficiency.

Before using this supplement, you need to take into account the probiotics side effects. It is necessary that you look at what possible dangers may those good bacteria pose to your body. The probiotics side effects that you may experience in your body are tolerable and insipid. If you use supplement, you may notice excessive gas and swelling of stomach.

The use of this supplement may also result to contamination requiring you antibiotic treatment. This side effect is common to people with major health situations. This supplement may also result to incorporation of genetic material to cells and harmful metabolic movement. It can also create extra immune system stimulus.

Most of the probiotics side effects are seen as digestive troubles. This case is usual for those taking it for the first time, particularly those who are ingesting supplements. It may also lead to fungal infection. This is the common problem for people with weakened immune system.

Although there are already some studies that has proved the numerous benefits of probiotics to health, we still need more research to make sure that they will be safe for internal use. More research are required if they will suit the general public including pregnant women, infant, children and the elderly with compromised immune system.

It may cause people with suppressed immune system to increase the chances of getting sick. Keep in mind though those probiotics side effects on one person will not be the same to another person. So, prior to taking it as supplement, make sure to speak with your doctor.